70 Years of Hard-Working, Success and Happiness Porsche and SAMACO Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Porsche

SAMACO celebrated the 70th anniversary of the well-known brand Porsche.

During a remarkable evening ceremony at Hayat Park Hotel in the presence of several Porsche clients, Mr. Mohammad Wajeeh Sharbatly said: “Porsche journey is a long journey filled with technologies, performance, magnificent designs and sport achievements. In the 70th anniversary of Porsche, SAMACO refreshes its youth and remembers its first day with Porsche Company.”

He added, “Our youth with Porsche is always renewed, and will increasingly be renewed due to the emergence of a new type of clients, which is the female clients. Porsche is expecting a lot from these clients by participating effectively in its activities.”
The ceremony was attended by Mr. Ibrahim Sharbatly, Mr. Yasser Sharbatly, the Regional Manager of Porsche in the Middle East and Africa Mr. Mohammad Hasan, Mr. Mohammad Raffah, the CEO of SAMACO Automotive, and Mr. Sultan Al-Turki, the CEO of Al-Nahla Group along with other directors and executives.