Al-Nahla Group honors Mr. Ibrahim Hassan Sharbatly at the 40th Anniversary of Founding SAMACO Companies

May 2019: In an awaited Ramadan atmosphere and at the charity iftar table (Maedat Al Rahman), Al-Nahla Group celebrated the honoring of H.E Mr. Ibrahim Hassan Sharbatly, founder of the SAMACO Group, at the 40th anniversary of founding SAMACO companies.

The grand Ramadan Iftar Ceremony was held in the hall of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Jeddah, on Monday, 15 Ramadan 1440H. The ceremony was prominently attended by Mr. Ibrahim Hassan Sharbatly and Mr. Yasser Hassan Sharbatly.

At the outset of the celebration, the Group CEO, Mr. Mohamed Wajih Hassan Sharbatly, welcomed all the attendees from the various affiliated companies, and the guests of Al-Nahla Group, saying, “Today we celebrate two occasions, an annual occasion for our meeting with you on the occasion of Ramadan and having a nice time with all members of the group, and the second occasion is a precious occasion for all of us, which is Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the founding of SAMACO companies. «He added: «SAMACO Group was founded by the dear brother, the vice president of the group’s BOD, Mr. Ibrahim Sharbatly, more than forty years ago, and praise be to Allah, it has achieved many very promising successes in all its activities, «reviewing the most prominent successes it has achieved this company along with its various departments.

The Group CEO confirmed, “Al Nahla Group and its subsidiaries are in a phase of strategic transformation, a decision made by the Group’s Board of Directors in collaboration with one of the leading consultancies aimed at achieving corporate governance and transformation of the parent company and its subsidiaries. Transformation into a professionally managed business while reducing family disruption to work. As well as independent members joining the board of directors and the various committees that result, as well as professional cadres in all areas of the group.

Mr Sharbatly explained: “The main objective is to create the right environment to keep up with the changes taking place in the country, such as the ambitious Vision 2030, and to encourage the Ministry of Commerce to transform family businesses into professionally run businesses. This is done to transform as a joint stock company.”

In conclusion, Mr. Mohamed Wajih Sharbatly invited the audience to watch the documentary video produced for the Excellency of Mr. Ibrahim Hassan Sharbatly, which included a series of discussions with personalities who witnessed his career on a practical, humanitarian and charitable level, and a group of his employees since the first days of his founding SAMACO Companies.
The participants went over the most important stages of his career, which was full of successes and achievements, and the insight that serves as a key feature in his personality. The Board member and the Vice Chairman of the Real Estate Committee, Mr. Yasser Sharbatly, said, »My brother, Mr. Ibrahim, is a long-suffering person with piety and fear of Allah Almighty, and he always has a vision. Today everyone can clearly see what Mr. Ibrahim has made for the group ».

Mr. Mohamed Wajih Sharbatly Group CEO, Dr. Muhammad Nassif, Mr. Osama Shalaby, Lawyer and Legal Counsel Mr. Nazih Mousa, Mr. Bandar Al-Turki Regional General Manager, Mr. Majid Sharbatly Member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Mohamed Raffa, CEO of the Automotive Sector, Mr. Sultan Al-Turki, Executive General Manager, Mr. Hosni Al-Khamisi, Financial Director of the First International Group, Mr. Al-Moatasembellah Sharqawi, Director of Risk Management, Mr. Abdullatif Al-Naqly, General Supervisor of Hassan Abbas Sharbatly Foundation for Community Service, and Eng. Sherine Nassef have also participated in this documentary film with all greetings and appreciation to them.

After the attendees witnessed these extraordinary acknowledgments of a major figure who has mainly influenced the history of the group, everyone gave a warm tribute to this moment in which 40 years of work and building have been completed.

Mr. Yasser Sharbatly, Mr. Muhammad Wajih Sharbatly and all family members and friends presented a souvenir on such occasion, after which H.E Mr. Ibrahim Sharbatly thanked all the attendees for this great celebration, congratulating them with the holy month (Ramadan).