Al-Nahla Group Participates in “Al-Himma Celebrations”

Al-Nahla Group and its subsidiaries celebrated the 89th Saudi National Day, which commemorates the unification of the Kingdom and its founding by King Abdulaziz Al Saud. This year’s celebration slogan is “Attitude Towards Altitude” in recognition of the words of Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Crown Prince “I live with great and powerful people who do not overcome the impossible, they set a goal and achieve it with ease, this is the great Saudi people.”

The group’s celebration was held on Saturday, September 21, at the SAMACO marina, located in Abhur Bay, north of Jeddah. The celebration included a march for all the group’s car brands, which started from the Porsche showroom on King Abdulaziz Road, bearing the logo of this year’s National Day season.
Another marine activity was launched from the SAMACO marina along Abhur Bay, in which all employees participated with the public present. The activity included parades of marine sports teams, including Flyboard shows, which completed its show as the first Saudi marine team to perform the popular flute dance in the sea, and other performances of the Sea-Doo jet ski team.