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Social and humanitarian responsibility is part of our religious and national values. Today the Foundation is leading this effort with all its competence as a charitable arm of social responsibility. It strives to help the community in implementing projects and initiatives to contribute to the development of society along-side with officially accredited entities, institutions and associations.

Hassan Abbas Sharbatly Foundation for Community Service

Approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development

Registration No. (15)
Dated 14/6/1422 AH
Corresponding to 02/09/2001 AD.

The Founder

H.E. Late

Mr. Hassan Abbas Sharbatly

1914 -1999

  • Founded in 2001.
  • The late founder donated to many community service activities.
  • The Foundation continues its programs in cooperation with official accredited entities, institutions and associations aimed at achieving its objectives.

Community Service Objectives

Community Service Programs

The Foundation 20 projects are the first priority on the financial accounts, as one-third of the annual net income is allocated to Mr. Hasan Abbas Sharbatly Foundation for Community Service. The main areas of social responsibility are classified into:

Building Mosques

Ramadan Programs

Attending to
the Holy Quran

Building and Supporting
Legitimate Facilities Through
Accredited Associations

Financing of Productive

Helping in Performing
Hajj and Umrah

Feeding Fasting People

Spreading Education

Scholarships Program

Support Program for
Establishment of Scientific & Cultural Institutions

Supporting People in Business and Future Professionals.

Training and Development
of the Foundation Team

Supporting The Creation
of Digital Libraries

Training, Rehabilitation and
Support of Family
Members for Sustainability

Assistant Programs

Medical Care Program

Marriage Assistance Program

Handicap Assistance

Supporting Retirement
Homes for the Elderly

Orphan Care Programs

Achievements and Figures

more than:

1/2 billion

SAR Was Spent


Mosques Constructed


Feeding Fasting People


Facility constructed


Foundation Awarded


Medical Care For intractable diseases


Concessional Loan


Trainee Was Supported

Prizes and honors

Annual report

For 2017

Latest news

Inaugurating Al-Safa and Al-Muahmmadia Neighborhoods Model Centers

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