SAMACO Automotive Hosts Technical Workshop for Women

Samaco Automotive Company, the exclusive dealer for Audi cars in Saudi Arabia, has launched a series of technical workshops for its female customers. The workshops not only aim to teach the basics of car maintenance, but also to raise awareness on the importance of regular vehicle service.

The recent workshop in Jeddah, which was supervised by after-sales service experts and professionals, consisted of a six-station tour. Each station outlined one topic/aspect that the guests were informed about. The tour started with the direct reception station, moving on to Audi’s twin service station, then to the tires check-up station, the under-hood check-up station, the genuine vs. non-genuine parts station, and finally the car main features and options station. After the tour, the guests were shuttled to the Audi terminal, where they attended a demonstration of the entire range of Audi cars and watched a documentary about each model.

Later, some participants proceeded to demonstrate a practical application of the skills they had learned like tire changing. Theoretical and physical tests validated their service skills learned from the workshop.

Amal Shaaban, a workshop participant, said, “It is a unique experience for the ladies. We would like to thank Samaco Automotive Company for this initiative and for inviting us to be a part of this one-of-a-kind event. We will, for sure utilize what we have theoretically and practically learned.”

Hanan Amer, owner of the new Audi Q5 car, praised Samaco-Audi initiative and thanked the company for giving women a chance to attend the workshop. She said the initiative enhanced her awareness about car services, as well as her confidence to apply the appropriate steps in case of a car breakdown. 

Kareem Tas, the general manager of Audi brand at Samaco Automotive Company, said that the initiative will strengthen the company’s relationship with its customers. “We are keen to support the independence of our female Audi customers, so we have launched this initiative to improve their confidence and emphasize our commitment to provide the highest standards of services in general, and after-sales services in particular,” he stressed.

Tas added, “After the success of this initiative, we will now offer this opportunity at all our branches in the Kingdom to raise the awareness of our female customers on the importance of regular car services.”

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