“SAMACO” Hosts “CAN-AM” Contestants in Deeratna Camp, Dakar Rally 2021

January 2020: SAMACO Company, the exclusive agent of BRP in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, hosted the racers on “- CAN AM” cars during the rally in the most illustrious Camps of the Kingdom “Deeratna” in conjunction with the Kingdom’s hosting of the Dakar Rally, which is the most illustrious sporting event in the world for rally races and for the first time on its soil, starting from Sunday, January 5, 2020G.

Mr. Maxime Evenniko of BRP, the manufacturer of CAN-AM vehicles, spoke during the event about the illustrious historical record that she had set in the “T3” category races of the Dakar Rally, which held his title the previous year after the South Racing team accomplished by the Chilean driver Chilco Lopez on “CAN-AM” vehicle, which is added to the numerous championships this vehicle has won with various teams in numerous races around the world, reflects its advantage that has given it its superiority and widespread distribution worldwide.

Evenico praised the Kingdom for hosting this significant sporting event, emphasizing that by noting over the previous period the capabilities and nature of Saudi Arabia; He became confident that the upcoming race will be one of the most powerful and beautiful races due to the new and uncharted terrain in this part of the world, which will bring a rich experience to the competitors or those watching the race in person or from behind screens.
Ifniko applauded SAMACO for its efforts to increase the existence of the BRP brand in the Saudi market through branch networks and after-sales services. He also exalted the Deeratna Camp, stressing that it is a suitable place to practice this type of sport throughout the year, expecting it to be an important tourist destination in light of the influx of tourists to discover the tourist places in the Kingdom after the encouraging regulations recently enacted by the state in the tourism sector.

As for the hosting of Deeratna Camp, the Director General of SAMACO Entertainment and founder of Deeratna Camp, Sharif Haitham Al Ghaleb, indicated that the Camp hosted many international delegations that visited the Kingdom, in addition to local teams and delegations looking to experience wild activities, where many recreational options are available within the Camp; Chief among them is the experience of setting off among the sand dunes under supervision of a specialized team inside the Camp on board the distinguished CAN-AM cars in this respect.

Al-Sharif welcomed all visitors throughout the year to experience this memorable experience, which is highlighting a great demand in light of the tourism renaissance that our country has experienced since the launch of Vision 2030.