“SAMACO” Hosts “CAN-AM” Contestants in Deeratna Camp, Dakar Rally 2021

2021: For the second year in a row and in the second edition of the Dakar Rally hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on its land, starting from Sunday, January 3, 2021G, SAMACO Marine Company (one of Al-Nahla Group companies) hosted the racers on the “CAN-AM” vehicles under the “T3” category. “Produced by BRP, which SAMACO Maritimes operates its agency in the Kingdom; In the Deeratna Camp, which specializes in desert vehicle sports and road trips, north of Jeddah, as well as hosting the participating team managers and media professionals from outside and inside the Kingdom, where the participating teams demonstrated their vehicles and conducted performance trials in the desert area surrounding the Camp; Which includes a group of natural terrain, the presence of which is an ideal opportunity for runners to train, under full application of medical precautions in accordance with the protocols of the Ministry of Health to prevent the emerging Covid-19 virus.

BRP, the manufacturer of CAN-AM T3 vehicles, is pleased to have won the title in this category last year thanks to the South Racing team’s success while riding in the “CAN-AM” vehicle, maintaining its hegemony over the top spots in the Dakar Rally and demonstrating the superior quality of its Automotive.

The Kingdom’s continued hosting of international sporting events, such as the Dakar Rally, has been confirmed on this occasion by Mr. Haitham Al Ghalib, General Manager of SAMACO Motorsports. It is among the many benefits of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, which we are reaping on all levels and fields.
He added that the BRP is experiencing an unprecedented recovery in this type of vehicle, whether with the start of the Dakar Rally or during the events of the tourist seasons that are sporting, he continued, adding that SAMACO Marine is proud to be the official agent for the best international brand in vehicles for desert sports and other modes of sea and land transportation. Its two main draws are the desert and the sea.

He reaffirmed his faith in the Kingdom’s capacity to build on last year’s success in hosting this sizable event and astound the world with its planning, as well as in the Kingdom’s tourist attractions and beautiful natural surroundings.

He emphasized that the Deeratna Camp is pleased to once again welcome the stars of the Dakar Rally, whose presence in the Camp prior to the start of the rally has grown into an essential part of their preparation program for the rally. He also mentioned that there are many recreational opportunities available within the Deeratna Camp, such as the experience of starting between the sand dunes, just like the case during rally races.