SAMACO Sponsors Al Saif - T3 First Saudi Driver

January 2021: SAMACO, one of Al-Nahla Group companies, announced its sponsorship of the Saudi rally champion in the T3 category, Captain Saleh Al-Saif, who is getting ready to participate in the Dakar Rally 2021 to compete for first place after being runner-up in last year’s edition, in which he presented great levels and was about to take the lead.

SAMACO ‘s sponsorship of the Saudi champion is for the second time, based on the company’s strategy to support the national efforts stems out from the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to grow up interest and sports practice in various games, including desert sports, which the company is a pioneer in providing its tools, especially the vehicles designated for it. CAN-AM brand vehicles are the world’s first vehicle in the T3 category, which, in addition to its distinction in the previous ones, is the constant friend of all adventure sports enthusiasts in the sand dunes and desert exploration.

Captain Saleh Al-Saif thanked SAMACO Marine Company for its support and interest, which reflects the important role of the private sector in supporting national athletes to achieve the achievements that are recorded in the name of the Kingdom. SAMACO to a new achievement in the Dakar Rally. The general manager of SAMACO Motorsports, Mr. Haitham Al Ghalib, confirmed that SAMACO is eager to play a significant part in assisting the advanced sports movement that has taken root in our nation and flourished since the appointment of H.E the Crown Prince as the Secretary-General of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. From this perspective, we decided to finance a Saudi talent that is moving toward the world.

To its territories and to organize it with the unmatched success that astounded the entire world. After coming so close to winning the T3 category of the Dakar Rally last year, we have every confidence that our star captain Saleh Al-Saif can do it this year. Allah willing, we will cross paths again on the podium celebrating the gold medal.