SAMACO Volkswagen Achieve Second Place in “Aftersales Services” Across Region

SAMACO Automotive Company, the exclusive dealer for Volkswagen cars in Saudi Arabia, has announced that it achieved second place in «Aftersales Services« category in the «Dealer of the Year 2018« competition organized by Volkswagen Middle East for dealers across the region.

Volkswagen Middle East organizes an annual competition among Volkswagen dealerships across the region in recognition of their efforts and in appreciation of their support of the brand. The award consists of several categories covering different aspects of the dealership, including sales, aftersales services, spare parts, training, brand promotion, and other aspects contributing to enhancing consumers’ trust in the brand and their convenience after purchase.

Volkswagen Middle East sets up specific criteria for selecting the first three positions in each category. The performance evaluation of each individual dealership is conducted separately through supervising annual performance and following up on dealership activities both at the national and regional levels.

The evaluation is based on the dealership’s capability in achieving both the short and long-term objectives of the brand, investments made during the year, the number of training courses organized and the number of participants, number and models of cars sold, as well as how to handle the customers in terms of the provision of spare parts and other supporting services.

In the overall evaluation of the competition participants, SAMACO Automotive Company came second in “Aftersales Service” category, which is one of the toughest groups, since it relates directly to customers, how to handle them, and gain their satisfaction by providing comprehensive services.

Upon receiving the award, Mohamed Moussa, Volkswagen brand General Manager at SAMACO Automotive Company, said: “Winning this award is a certificate of appreciation from Volkswagen Middle East and a testimony of our strong capabilities to provide high-quality services to our customers in Saudi Arabia, it is, as well, a strong incentive for us to work harder and put a lot of investment to promote the brand and its presence in the local market.

He added: “We are currently working on upgrading our services through our integrated centers scattered in various parts of the Kingdom. During next month, April, we will open a main service workshop at Alkhobar Center having been retooled to provide services to our clients in the region. We are also working on a full renovation of the Customers’ reception area at the Jeddah Center to be in line with the highest standards of Volkswagen cars and reflect the excellent level of our services.”